Who are we?

Unexpected DUO with a team behind

We combine your goals with our expertise to make the ideas come to life.

Not enough “WOW” & “AHA” moments…

We at Pixpri Studio strongly believe life is truly lived by having these moments.

Founding Brand Director

Vladimir Stojanovic


Through research-backed and deliberate design, we are on a mission to help go-getters build new legacies.

Art Director

Andjela Stojanovic


Our vision is to be your trustworthy partner through the creation process while pursuing the result through meaningful design by prioritizing the user.


Natalija Stojanovic

Project Manager

Marija Stefanovic


Danilo Subic

Our Beliefs

Pixpri doesn’t design for the client. We design for the customer of our client.

Consistency is key to a successful business.

We love to educate people with a sustainability and caring mindset.

It doesn’t have to be The Bizznasty. It can be just a SMART business.

We offer investment, not a service.

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